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Lifting Inspection

We offer Lifting Inspection and Certification services for the following:

  • Lifting Planning and Lifting Operations Supervision
  • Lifting Appliances including (but not limited to) Mobile cranes, Portal cranes, Overhead/gantry crane, Runway beam, Lorry Loader Cranes, Fixed lifting beams and jacks, MEWP Mobile Elevating working platform, Hoists, Winches, Forklifts, Side booms, Beam trolleys, Sheave blocks, etc.
  • Lifting Accessories including (but not limited to) Wire rope sling, Webbing sling, Chains, Chain slings, Shackles, Beam, Plate clamps, Eye bolts, swivel rings, Hoist rings, Wedge sockets, Safety harnesses, Spreader beams, Manual Chain block, Lever Hoist, Pad eyes, bolts, Hooks, etc.
  • Lifted Equipment including (but not limited to) Containers, Skids, Baskets, etc.
  • Planning and Supervising of Lifting Operations

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