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Calibration and Pressure Testing

Calibration and Pressure Testing

Our Calibration team offer the following services:

  • Calibration of Weight Indicators.
  • Calibration of Pressure Gauges.
  • Calibration of Chart Recorders.
  • Calibration of Torque Gauges.
  • Calibration of Pressure Transmitters.
  • Calibration of Portable Gas Detectors (Single-Gas and Multi-Gas Detectors).
  • Calibration of Electrical Measuring Instruments (Multi Meter, Clamp Meter, etc.).
  • Calibration of Dimensional Measuring Tools.
  • Calibration of Torque Wrench.
  • Calibration of Temperature Measuring Device.
  • Calibration of Welding Machine.
  • Testing, Adjusting and Maintenance of Relief/Safety Valves (Direct Spring and Pilot).
  • Testing and Recharging SCBA.
  • Pressure Test and Witness Pressure Test (PT).
  • Installing, Calibration and Testing of Fixed Gas Detection Systems.
  • Explosion Proof (EX) Inspection.

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