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Drop Object Survey

Seenpoex supplies certified inspectors for a comprehensive dropped objects survey of the Derrick/Mast and agreed-upon surrounding areas. The results are meticulously documented with photographic evidence, and recommendations for rectification are subsequently provided.

Our expert surveyors meticulously examine every inch of your facility, from soaring platforms to winding catwalks, shining a light on potential threats that could come crashing down:

  • Unsecured parts and equipment: We ensure every bolt, clamp, and fitting is fastened to the highest standards, preventing unexpected falls.
  • Damaged structures and supports: We identify weakened railings, corroded walkways, and faulty supports, addressing them before they become launchpads for falling objects.
  • Improper storage and handling practices: We observe and advise on safer procedures, reducing the risk of accidental drops and ensuring tools have designated homes and are secured.


SEENOPEX Oil Services Keeping Your Operations Secured, One Drop Survey at a Time.

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